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Meet Murielle

Murielle was born and raised in France and left when she was 18 to attend college at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, where she graduated with a bachelor in accounting.

She began coaching and tutoring in high school, and after starting a career in accounting, found herself coaching and helping as people who were going through a hard time were drawn to her. The feedback was very positive and she fell in love with it.

Self empowerment and spiritual development became her passion.

She decided to get certified and start a coaching business while still working full time in an accounting  job and raising three kids as a divorced mom.

Due to her history of attracting very dysfunctional relationships, she had to acquire the tools to work on herself and change the patterns that were creating these unwanted results in her life.  This work changed her life, the lives of all the women she shared it with and gave birth to her own coaching program.

She now coaches clients in three different countries, combining the various tools and techniques that she spent over 16 years studying as a way to help women attract healthy relationships in their lives.

Her coaching involves powerful questions leading to self discovery, Emotional Freedom Techniques or Tapping, and energy work, as well as unique imagery as a way to open the dialogue with the subconscious mind. 

She strongly believes in combining the power of the mind, body, and spirit to create the fulfilling life that we deserve.


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